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"Tiger House," Smokelong Quarterly

"Our Long-Distance Trick," Tiny Love Story, The New York Times

"Sour Heat," Passages North

"Coal Miner's Daughter," Hobart Pulp

awards & honors

Harvey Swados Fiction Prize 2023

"These short stories consider the concrete—lemons, pigeons, hearing aids—to get at something larger and looser and more abstract: the passage of time, the density and devotion of human feeling, a family’s dissolution, a mother’s distance. I admire the stories’ directness of language, compressed form, and dramatization of subtle and lasting discoveries. From 'Hearing Aids': 'She could hear her thoughts clearly. She was surprised by how uncomplicated they were without the distraction of noise.' These stories struck me like that. They live simply and profoundly on the page." —Corinna Vallianatos

Wellstone Center Emerging Writer in Residence 2020


California College of the Arts Writing & Literature Award 2019

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